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halloween activities
for the perfect party

no matter what type of halloween party you are having, you'll probably want to orchestrate some activities. 

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an elegant office holiday party



cocktails and sit-down dinner for 75 people or more. suggested time frame, as indicated below: 5:30 � 9 p.m.


place lit welcome signage above the door or at the entranceway, complete with a happy holiday greeting (in any event... can make you this custom sign and ship it right to your door). light in holiday colors (or company colors) for maximum effect. check out our props below for something really extraordinary.


the cocktail area should be decorated with an ice sculpture that is your company logo. hors d�oeurves should be passed by waiters; some (like crudit�) should be placed around the ice sculpture. also, put your company logo on a banner (from in any event...) behind the stage and/or performance area.



use multiple tiered, candy-filled gift boxes, wrapped, tied off with bows and ribbons with multi-colored latex balloons coming off the top. each box should be numbered. then, a number is placed under each plate so that guests at each table pull numbers and each can take home "a present."

table decorations

around the bottom of the centerpiece, sprinkle holiday confetti mixed with red and green stars. also, place holiday votive candles on each table.

also on each table, place two single-use cameras. be sure to dominantly display the good photographs somewhere in the office afterward.

linens should have sun, moon and stars on them; napkins should be solid black.


here are some classy touches:

bullethave a musician play a dulcimer from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
bullethave a harpist play from 5:30 to 7 (in a different area).


at each seat, place a custom candy bar with your company logo and information all about you on front and back (even use your business card). guests will love this special treat!


everything you need this holiday season is available from in any event.... call for an appointment today!

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